About company

OAO "Rechickij Metiznyj zavod", one of the first in the metallurgical industry of Belarus was founded in 1912 as a manufacturer of nails and wire products. Since 2006, OAO "Rechitckij metiznyj zavod" is part of holding "Belarusian metallurgical company".

The plant is the leader in the range of special nails that allows to be present at the market of practically all European countries. Rechitsa Metizny plant produces the following fastening articles:

- nails construction, machine, special (has finished, newintown, square, Wallpaper,
  roofing, finishing, pallet, molding, slate, finishing, tare, corrugated, etc.);
- screws (special, heat-resistant)
- screws (standard, special, self-drilling and self-tapping)
- bolts (round, hexagon or countersunk head )
- nuts (hex, valve end and valve recoil damper)
- rivet (heel, for segment saws, truss or countersunk head)
- pins
- axis special
- General purpose wire, welding, for reinforced concrete and for cold heading.

Rechitckij metiznyj zavod produces electroplated and hot-dip galvanizing of all types of nails, bolts, nuts, screws, self tapping screws, as well as structures with dimensions not exceeding 12500х1500х2500 mm (height, width, length), weight up to 8000 kg and pipes long from 4.0 to 8.2 m, with a diameter of 1.2" to 4". Hot dip galvanizing is carried out on THE production line of hirtz (Germany), put into operation in 2003 and the production line of Gimeco (Italy), put into operation in 2011.
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