Mr. M. Zaklind, the owner of the sawmill in Rechitsa, sold it together with the railroad branch to the landowners, brothers Boris and Vladimir Rick. After the purchase of the sawmill brothers Rick sold their estate Rusaki, and pledged their manor and the sawmill in Soltanovo village with the Russian - Asian Bank and for the gained money they began to construct a nail making plant. The equipment for it -nail making and wire drawing machines - was purchased in Germany. The specialists were invited to construct a new plant, to install the equipment and to operate this equipment. At the same time with the plant construction the living apartments were built for the invited workers as well.
1912, May
  The construction of the plant's building was finished, the equipment for wire drawing and nails production was installed. 40 persons were employed at the plant totally, who manufactured up to 30 poods of nails per twenty-four-hours period.
  The productivity of the plant achieved 100 poods of nails per twenty-four-hours period.
End of 1912
  The productivity of the plant came to 40 poods of nails per twenty-four-hours period.
  The Ministry of Defense granted credits to the brothers Rick and new machines for barbed wire production were installed, which was used for obstacles. The plant quickly started the production and delivery of such wire to the front. During the years of the war brothers Rick became rich.
  Brothers Rick purchased in the USA the new equipment for the wood screws making shop: head trimming machines, thread rolling machines and presses for manufacture of the wood screw blanks. The suppliers of the equipment were German companies "Kuck" and "Kaiser".
  A new two-storied building of the wood screws making shop was built, in which the new equipment was installed. During the Great October socialist revolution the plant was nationalized. One of the brothers Rick stayed to work at the plant as the head engineer. During the years of the civil war and occupation the enterprise was destroyed very much.