Award ceremony of the best employees of the enterprise - " Prize of the year 2017»

26 February 2018

February 23, 2018 OJSC "Rechitsa metizny plant" was held the ceremony of awarding the best workers of the enterprise "award of the year 2017".

The ceremony was opened with the greeting words of the Director of the plant Semancik Viktor Georgievich.

     In a solemn ceremony of the 10 employees of the plant: Obushkovo S. A., Deputy head of the SPC, Ivanchenko A. V., gunner HWA KTS, Galdino F. F., gunner HWA CSCI, Bobariko A. N., master CSCI, horn G. N., the stacker-the packer HZ, Gorbachev's P. K., the operator-treater for automatic and semi-automatic lines, CSMI, Karpovich S. B., Turner toolroom, D. G. Mikhailov, chief of the Bureau, Ponomarev S. V., leading engineer-energy division, chief power engineer, Kalicki I. G., warehouse CGC was presented with a certificate of placing on the Honor roll.

     Honorary diplomas and Gratitude of the Rechitsa district Executive Committee of Rechytsa district Council of deputies for many years of conscientious work, considerable personal contribution to the development of hardware production and active participation in public life of the plant, five workers of the enterprise were presented by the head of Department of economy of Rechitsa regional Executive Committee Shamukova N. P.

     Honorary diplomas of JSC "Byelorussian steel works – management company of holding "Belarusian metallurgical company" three metal workers handed Abramenko Oleg Vladimirovich, Deputy Director General for economic and corporate Affairs of OJSC "BMZ – management company of holding "Belarusian metallurgical company".

     Certificates of honor of JSC Rechitsky metizny plant for professional skill, long-term conscientious work and exemplary performance of labor duties are awarded to 13 employees of the enterprise.

     The acting Director of the state institution "Regional sports and sports club" Rechitsky Urozhay "Matyushenko Alexander Valeryevich congratulated our company on the sporting achievements of the team of JSC "RMZ", which took 1st place in the year-round sports contest 2017 among enterprises, organizations, institutions and educational institutions of Rechitsky district in group a.

     Thanks of JSC Rechitsky Metizny plant for long-term conscientious work, exemplary accomplishment of labor duties, high achievements in work, the special contribution to development of production, increase and quality of products, active participation in public life of plant are declared to 12 employees of the enterprise and one veteran of work. 

       Diplomas " Award of the year 2017 "in the nomination" the Best workshop for energy saving"," the Best workshop of the year for the performance of production indicators"," the Best result in increasing production volumes"," the Best workshop for purity and culture of production "respectively awarded the shop" Plant of metal products", steel-Cutting shop, hot-dip galvanizing Shop and Nail shop. 
     Diplomas "award of the year 2017" in the nomination "the Best specialist in the field of financial – economic work" awarded Bubenik N. In. economist at the nail shop, in the nomination "Breakthrough of the year" - P. D. Cherkasov, head of marketing and sales, in the category "Quality" - Kazachenko T. Yu., acting chief of quality management Department, in the nomination "Best young Manager of the year" - Isaev D. V., Deputy head of the Department "Factory of metal products" in the nomination "Young specialist of the year" - Vladimir Furman, master nail shop.

       The Chairman of the primary trade Union organization of OJSC "Rechitsa Metizny plant" Alexander Karpenko has presented the awards of "award of the year 2017" in the nominations:
     "Strong, adroit, courageous" for the determination, the will to win in sports performance – Novitsky, A. V., the stacker-the packer CSCI;
     - "Dance of life" for active participation in Amateur art activities of the enterprise, boundless energy and active promotion of the choreography in the original life – Lesnikova L. K., accountant and Novikov A. M. the operator-electroplating on automatic and semi-automatic lines CSCI;
     - "Creativity" for the active promotion of theatrical art, for the awakening of Patriotic feelings through the play "Do not leave me" - the theatrical Studio "Masks»;

       Diplomas primary trade Union organization of OJSC "Rechitsa metizny plant" was awarded:
     - in the nomination "Young and perspective" for commitment, activity and enthusiasm in the work – Pavlov S. A., electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of the building were renewed and T. D. V., process engineer ZSCI;
     - in the nomination "Loyalty plant" for outstanding professional achievements, conscientious performance of duties, long and irreproachable work for nearly 40 years – Shikhantsov V. F., mechanic-repairman CSCI, kosobuckiy, A. G., gunner HWA fasteners-making shop;
     - in the category "Clean – the guarantee of health" for exemplary execution of works to restore order and cleanliness in offices and industrial premises – Zaitsev V. L., janitorial galvanizing plants and Davidovich N. In. cleaner premises-nail shop;
     - in the nomination " Partnership "for active conscientious work in the trade Union organization for the protection of social and labor rights and interests of Union members-L. I. Chizh, accountant, Chairman of the shop Committee of the Trading house of"RMZ".

    The whole evening on the stage sounded musical performances of art Amateur collectives of Open joint stock company "Rechitsa Metizny plant".