12 March 2018 When winter waves goodbye to us, spring comes. And the month of March, along with sunlight gives your wonderful holiday – international women's day! The blossoming of the first flowers: tulips, Mimosas make March 8 a blooming and fragrant day.

     Men often perceive this date as an occasion to show "weak" sex the respect, once again to show gentle feelings, having assumed part of economic cares. 
     Ladies, as a rule, setting aside, which played the role of pan, I prefer to enjoy the attention and free from the cares spring day.
     Employees of institutions and enterprises for one day become two groups: gallant and attentive gentlemen and beautiful ladies. 
     March 7 at the house of culture of JSC "Rechitsa Metizny plant" on the eve of the holiday was a festive concert dedicated to the international Women's day. Vocal numbers and stage productions prepared by employees of the enterprise presented to all present guests a lot of pleasant and positive emotions. 
     Congratulations to all present beautiful half asked the Director of the factory Viktor Simoncic: 
     - Dear woman! I congratulate you on the international women's day! On this wonderful holiday, I want to wish you respect and understanding from colleagues, delight and admiration from others, love and warmth from family hearts, pleasure and enjoyment of life, pleasant surprises and good gifts from fate, this female happiness and unfading wonderful beauty.

Spring comes on March 1, but really it feels exactly the 8th. When women suddenly change in an incredible way. Their eyes Shine with happiness and guile, and they realize that they are WOMEN. 
     - Spring and woman – one of nature! - the Chairman of trade Union Alexander Karpenko began the congratulation with such words. - Exciting, light, dizzying and charming-gentle!  So let this day care the hearts of men, dizzy with passion and tenderness Shine dear and loving eyes. We wish you all the brightest and most beautiful. Let spring blossoms in the soul and fills it with joy and beauty. Let this holiday leave a lot of bright impressions and beautiful romantic moments.

The concert program has left a good, Sunny, festive mood!  The audience warmly and joyfully welcomed each participant and musical evenings.

Applause was the best gift for all participants of this festive event.