14 April 2018 From July 2017 to March 2018 on the platforms of the newspaper "Belaruski Chas", Portal and website belchas.by the competition "people's photo marathon "man of labor"was held.  
The main purpose of the Competition: popularization of the trade Union movement of Belarus, increasing interest and motivation for professional activity among young people, increasing interest in modern professions. 
   This time the competition was held in conjunction with the Republican committees of trade unions and consisted of 6 stages, each of which was attended by representatives of three unions.
   The main condition of competition remained the same: the picture has to be made on a workplace and to transfer features of a profession of the person imprinted in a shot.
   The sixth and final stage of the project "people's photo marathon" man of labor " started on February 16 and ended on March 30, 2018! It was attended by 80 participants, who are members of three trade unions:
   - The Central Committee of the Belarusian trade Union of workers of culture, information, sports and tourism;
   - The Republican Committee of the Belarusian trade Union of energy, gas and fuel industry workers.
   - The Council of the Belarusian trade Union of workers of the industries "BALPARMAK".
   The best among the participants from the Belarusian trade Union of workers of industries "BALPARMAK" recognized the work of the chief of the audit Bureau of Rechitsa Metizny plant Dmitry Baranov.
Technician-nail shop Mihail TsivilYonok.